About 7Store

  1. Not Just another Online Store: We are Lifestyle Solutions Provider
    Blending the best of B2B & B2C practices to handcraft an exceptional business model pampers, engages and empowers consumers
    7Store is positioned uniquely with a carefully, handpicked selection across every product category. The inventory is being populated gradually with an emphasis on keeping the supply chain transparent, open to quality-first analysis. We have procurement specialists, each specializing in a different lifestyle niche. 7store has weaved a unique ecosystem that drives consumer engagement, customer loyalty, brand recall value, quick warehousing solutions, and a competitive pricing strategy across every category. Our marketing, outreach and engagement strategies are non-conformist and yet, they are catalyzing sales across Oman like no other online retail platform. Buyers get the assurance of knowing that their shopping behavior, personal or financial details are not being tracked or shared.
  2. Trying to be Specialists in a Crowd

    Our brand resonates with Almazioon—being beautiful with an organic-like purity. Expect a shopping experience different from typical online stores, supermarkets or malls.
    7store was founded with a simple realization, i.e. the online shopping space is highly unstructured despite being a billion dollar industry. Most online shoppers complain about the lack of easily finding their preferred brand, pricing bandwidth, the promise of genuineness, and quick shipping of products needed during an urgency. Add irritating advertising or promotional tactics and concealed pricing practices to the mix and you have an underserved consumer demographic. Yes, our primary demographic is Oman. We have even created a category dedicated to products made exclusively in Oman—Omaniyat. This is the perfect platform for lifestyle products made in Oman, not found anywhere else, such as traditional dress, handicrafts from native artisans, jewelry and other local produce that seldom gets the attention it deserves.

  3. Being Different without Making Compromises

    We do online retail in a very boutique manner, and still manage to be relevant for families, execute bulk orders and serve enterprise-level demands.
    7store is uniquely positioned. It is not a typical retailer, wholesaler or drop-shipper. It imbibes the best of retail tactics from each of these segments to create an online shopping hub where every aspect of e-shopping has been optimized to perfection. With an expanding network of products and industry-wide networking, we are delivering international quality products at prices lower than similar propositions without making any compromises.

  4. Exclusivity Fueled by Irrefutable Rationale

    We deliver real solutions that contemporary customers demand—product information that inspire sales, transparent pricing policies, and combining basic supplies & specialized product lines on a single digital interface.7store is on course to become flagship lifestyle online store across Oman with the capacity to create international footprints. This goal is being driven by a clear vision—never compromise on quality. A smarter, highly integrated value chain that is differently positioned from other retail platforms, leverages us with unparalleled advantages. Our business decisions come through a reality check that uses parameters like real life data analysis and community level surveys. We thrive on consumer sentiments and analyzed data.

  5. An Inventory that Never Sleeps

    Recent additions include many gifting items, including fragrances, stationary, pottery items, outdoor tools, and indoor tooling essentials for domestic and commercial spaces.
    7store is creating the perfect online platform for discerning buyers but with a difference—it serves businesses too apart from everyday consumers. While hospitality businesses can order supplies in bulk, families and individuals can shop for the best online deals on international brands. The idea is to bring the most popular product categories under one roof, on one desktop to be more precise. From clothing to electronics, cosmetics, gadgets, home improvement and Omani handicrafts, expect to be surprised when shopping on this online store. We sell products sourced from difficult-to-access, premium brands, including limited edition products, often with discounted prices.

  6. How is the brand positioning itself?

    7store brings a refreshing, more personalized approach to customer satisfaction. This is beyond toll free numbers and promotional emails.
    7store is also evaluating product channels where it can be a specialist—a retailer far ahead of the competitor curve. In all probability, we will be concentrating on Shoes and Electronics—two categories for which we see more than anticipated traction from the day we sat down to discuss our business plan. Days before our launch, our brands captured media attention. A couple of weeks into having launched our services, we had competing sales teams perplexed about how we were unintentionally able to poach their patrons. Despite being relatively new to the online way of doing business, we have developed remarkable customer retention tools.

  7. We Realize the Bitter Truth & Create Positive Outcomes from It

    Customer loyalty is at an all-time low and purchasing decisions are very volatile. We are creating a retail platform that is omnipresent, progressive, optimized for the latest trends, and future-ready.
    We have managed to create a retail ecosystem that inspires recall value and recommendations. We are generating sales by sharing real information about products, including their manufacturing or creative journey. We have an exhaustive selection, categorized systematically, clearly detailed and priced in conjunction with the brand’s market reputation. We are rooted at the community level too, contributing to social causes like subsidized healthcare or eco-friendly practices.

  8. What challenges us ?

    We are entering a highly digital lifestyle that fuels easily shareable data. From social media conversations to online reviews, buying decisions are easily influenced.
    We want to empower buyers with information that is not found anywhere else. This is real-life data that is strategically collected and shared in an easy to understand manner, ensuring our consumers get relevant information when making a purchase. This is what fuels our sales pipeline. We believe this is necessary for being a successful online lifestyle solutions brand. We are collaborating with suppliers and brands that resonate our ethical standards and consumer service standards.

  9. Redefining Corporate Sustainability

    For us, sustainability has a number of relevant interpretations:

    • A global supply chain that continues to attract more buyers
    • Regional outreach that makes us the preferred online retailer across the Gulf and surrounding nations
    • Corporate practices that thrive on open and honest communication
    • Ensuring our carbon footprints are minimized
    • A business model that is unafraid of evolving
    • Embracing digital transformations
    • Adapting to changing consumer mindsets/buying behaviors
  10. What to expect at this online store?

    Products that make everyday schedules a more rewarding experience—Lifestyle products sourced from the best for the progressive customer
    From internationally famous power tools to decorative pieces found at boutiques, our inventory offers a fresh concept in e-commerce. The approach is local—the inventory at par with international standards. From mainstream to offbeat, from vintage to the latest, from home décor essentials to artsy accessories, we cater to every online retail requirement. You get the most exclusive collection of lifestyle goods from the Middle East and Arabian Gulf. From prosperous trading channels to sourcing goods from the history-rich alleys of ancient Oman, there is a little bit of exclusiveness across our inventory. We cater to the informed, discerning crowd who realize that putting premium on quality makes sense. We are a young team at work, continuously finding ways to explore, challenge, innovate, adapt, and deliver in the most challenging consumer demographics. From our founders to the procurement team and online branding personnel, delivering beyond expectations is the norm!